Please help our school win $500,000 from Kohls. Kohl's department store is hosting a contest on Face book. They are giving away $500,000 to the 20 schools that receive the most votes in their contest.


Here’s your chance to WIN UP TO 5 iPADS while doing a GOOD DEED at no cost to you! It will only take you ONE MINUTE.


This is your chance to help out our school, Shaloh House Jewish Day School.

Beginning August 8, 2010, we will raffle off one iPad every Sunday.

The sooner you apply, the more chances you will have to win an iPad!

To enter the raffle, just follow the steps below — it's quick!

1. Have a valid Facebook Account

2. Vote for Shaloh House at Kohls Facebook school contest

3. Confirm that you have completed all the steps and entitled for the free entry for iPad Raffle