Shaloh House, Who Are We?

At Shaloh House Jewish Day School our students enjoy academically challenged curriculum that is supported by individual attention and education plan. These unique opportunities are possible due to the smaller classes and perfect environment to nurture small children and building self-confidence from very early age.

Our school provides warm Kosher breakfast, lunch and snack prepared on premises.

At our school the students and their parents can enjoy not only rigorous academic program but diverse after school program all at affordable tuition for both. 

Our students and staff speak English, Hebrew and Russian. 

Our students participate in Math Olympiads and enjoy harvesting vegetables at our own garden.

Security guard and building equipped with security cameras and alarms, fences and bullet proof doors.

Please remember, we are not just a school, we are a community that is open to everybody. We are home away from home. We are looking forward welcoming your children and your whole family.

Some Truths and/or Myths about Shaloh House

There is lack or limited social life in Shaloh House Day School.

It is a myth. Our school is small, but our students enjoy lots of play dates, birthday party policy it to invite the whole grade and plus we have collaborations with the other schools.  We also offer kids community parties celebrating holidays.

After such a small school it is not an easy way to adapt to other schools.

It Is a myth. If you look at the statistics, our former students got accepted to other Jewish schools, private and public exam schools (including the most prestigious Boston Latin School and Boston Latin Academy) and thrived there becoming successful.

School does not represent the real world.

Yes and no. Our school is a Jewish school, and we have kids from Jewish background, but they are coming from very different families (from completely non-observant to orthodox) and from different parts of the world. So, it is a myth. We are more diverse that one might think, and we do represent the real world.