The Shaloh House Difference

The ability to learn is greater in childhood than in any other time in life. That is why we owe it to our children to feed their curiosity and challenge their intellect every day - to give them all that they need to grow as strong and vigorous in mind and spirit as they are in body.

  • Winner of New England Math League
  • ten gold medals at International Math Olympiad
  • National awards in English, Arts and Sports

Here's what your child will experience:

  • A Math and Science program 2-3 years ahead of any public or private school
  • An English program that engages the children in reading, writing, vocabulary and public speaking
  • A History curriculum that is chronological, beginning with Ancient Greece and Rome
  • A conversational Hebrew language program taught by native speakers
  • A customized Judaic program
  • Warm, freshly prepared on site, kosher meals served daily