The Shaloh House Difference


The ability to learn is greater in childhood than in any other time in life. That is why we owe it to our children to feed their curiosity and challenge their intellect every day - to give them all that they need to grow as strong and vigorous in mind and spirit as they are in body.

The Shaloh House administration has created an educational model that borrows from the finest school systems in the world. From faculty who specialize in the subjects they teach, to the cockatiels that greet the children each morning and help kindle their interest in the natural world, we take every opportunity to engage young minds.

The school’s commitment to providing children with the best education possible is foremost in every aspect of the environment, including:

  • Faculty who are experts in the subjects they teach
  • Small class size allowing for a high level of individual attention
  • Tutoring opportunities each day
  • A curriculum that challenges students, along with the support to help them succeed.
  • An after-school enrichment program[1]  that offers art, chess, martial arts, dance, and languages.
  • Fun-filled, educational events such as the Math Festival, Judaic Fair, Chess Festival, and more.


At Shaloh House, we see children’s incredible capacity for intellectual growth every day: in first -graders learning multiplication, in second-graders writing essays on the meaning of Tefilla, and in sixth-graders already learning physics.

What is most exciting is that these extraordinary accomplishments are those of “ordinary” students. Shaloh House does not cater exclusively to the gifted (thought gifted students certainly thrive in our environment of individualized, accelerated learning.) Instead, we dedicate ourselves to bringing out the gifts in every child.

Even young children benefit from having teachers who are experts in the subjects they teach. That is why we recruit math teachers with PhDs, and have language teachers who are published, award-winning writers. In addition, children benefit from being taught by several different instructors who consult with one another on student progress.

The city of Boston, with its many excellent universities, provides us with a large talent pool from which to recruit teachers who are passionate about their areas of expertise and have a talent for sharing their enthusiasm with young children