Welcoming children 2 years old through Kindergarten

Our Philosophy
Preschoolers are precious – to their parents and to the Jewish community as a whole. 
We provide our preschoolers with five main nutrients:

They need a tremendous amount of love. We give it to them.

Their minds are growing faster than any other age-group’s. We give them the best tools and guidance to help them discover our inspiring heritage and our magnificent world.

We see each child as unique, and give them the one-on-one attention they need and crave.

Each classroom is a supportive, happy community of children and adults. Our “fledglings” grow strong and confident in our rich soil.

Children thrive when their day is structured. We match their own body rhythms, and give them instruction, free play (whether inside or outside in our state-of-the-art playground), rest, and guided discoveries of their world in the proper doses at the proper times.