Preschool Overview

Our preschool, with its low student-teacher ratios, blends Judaic and secular subjects into a program that is rich, fulfilling, and stimulating. At Shaloh House, our preschool program begins with Toddlers (age 24 months-three years) and moves into Pre-Kindergarten/Universal Pre-Kindergarten (four year olds) and Kindergarten (five year olds.) We pay close attention to each child’s development, making sure they are stimulated by their environment, our curriculum, and their friends. We work with parents to determine the best level for the child. 

A hallmark of our program is our focus on “Joyful Judaism:” we create and foster an environment that encourages active and joyful engagement with the children’s own Jewish identities. We nurture concern, kindness, and sensitivity for our fellow human beings, helping our children to recognize the divine sparks in themselves and in each other. Our Judaics curriculum is designed to encourage a love of Torah and Mitzvos through learning about the weekly Torah portion, special projects and celebrations, as well as a weekly Shabbos Party. Our children learn about and celebrate Jewish holidays and the background, stories, laws, and customs which surround them, along with their Aleph Beis and Nekudot, eventually learning to identify words on their own by Kindergarten.

While children in the program come to us to grow, play and develop their Jewish identities, we also focus on preparing them for elementary school. Our curriculum deepens with each passing year, building on skills children learn as toddlers to prepare them for first grade and beyond. Math and English Language Arts are core to our curriculum: our youngest students begin with their ABCs and basic number recognition, and our graduating Kindergartners are able to read simple words, count to 50, tell time, practice simple addition and use money.

Puppetry. Fencing. Dance. Gymnastics. Art and Music. Chess. The list of possibilities for our children to explore at Shaloh House is almost endless! From experiencing our neighborhood in Brighton through trips to the post office or Sukkah Hops during Succos to learning the fundamentals of gymnastics and fencing in our gym, we encourage our smallest learners to be alive to the world and possibilities around them, to boldly try new experiences, and to learn by doing. Our children are outside every day, playing on one of our two playgrounds, exploring nature in nearby parks, and gardening in our new garden centers. Their play refines their gross and fine motor skills, sparks their creativity and imagination, and encourages both independence and team work and resiliency.

Our partnerships with the greater Boston community enable us to provide unique opportunities for our children, including a semester long workshop in 2021 with Brookline’s Puppet Showplace Theater.  Our children were treated to weekly puppetry workshops and a special end of the year puppet show.