Overall Curriculum for the Year

We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves
Most schools introduce themselves by describing their faculty, or their administrators, or their facility. We think Shaloh House Preschool will come into the clearest focus the quickest if we describe a different segment of
our community – our students’ parents.

The parents who choose Shaloh House are unique. They come from all walks of Jewish life and observance, but they share a commitment to give their children a superlative education. They are so devoted to this goal that many have spent months researching different schools.

Some parents came to us after hearing about how happy our school-children are. Others at first sent their children to better-known preschools in the area, but then “jumped ship” and enrolled their children with us after hearing about our intriguing curriculum and our astonishing teaching success. Some – despite the widespread availability of preschools – drive two-hours daily to send their children to our school.

Our parent body is wonderfully loyal, and they are our best advocates!