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We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves
Most schools introduce themselves by describing their faculty, or their administrators, or
their facility. We think Shaloh House Preschool will come into the clearest focus the quickest if we describe a different segment of our community – our students’ parents.

The parents who choose Shaloh House are unique. They come from all walks of Jewish life and observance, but they share a commitment to give their children a superlative education. They are so devoted to this goal that many have spent months researching different schools.

Some parents came to us after hearing about how happy our school-children are. Others at
first sent their children to better-known preschools in the area, but then “jumped ship” and enrolled their children with us after hearing about our intriguing curriculum and our astonishing teaching success. Some – despite the widespread availability of preschools – drive two-hours daily to send their children to our school.
Our parent body is wonderfully loyal, and they are our best advocates.

Our Philosophy
Preschoolers are precious – to their parents and to the Jewish community as a whole. Judaism teaches that their nurture and education are crucial. Comparing a child to a little seedling, Judaism notes that the slightest benefit given to a fledgling plant is exponentially
more significant than any benefit that can be given to an adult tree. Conversely, any deficit
is much more harmful to a tender plant than it would be to a mature one.

We provide our preschoolers with four main nutrients:

They need a tremendous amount of love. We give it to them.

Their minds are growing faster than any other age-group’s. We give them the best tools and
guidance to help them discover our inspiring heritage and our magnificent world. Our teachers are renowned – some have been with us for 20 years – and we have superb specialists to teach them music and physical education.

We see each child as unique, and give them the one-on-one attention they need and crave.
Community. Each classroom is a supportive, happy community of children and adults. Our “fledglings” grow strong and confident in our rich soil.

Children thrive when their day is structured. We match their own body rhythms, and give them instruction, free play (whether inside or outside in our state-of-the-art playground), rest, and guided discoveries of their world in the proper doses at the proper times. We also provide nutritious and delicious kosher meals – including breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks. We tailor our meals to match individual dietary needs if necessary.

Arrival – Dismissal – Parking
Arrival is 8:15 AM. Early arrival (before 8:15) is also available by pre-registration.
Dismissal times vary, depending on the after-school plan you have chosen for your
child. Consult our office or our website for more details on after-care programs.
Important drop-off/pick-up policies:

1. Whether at pick-up or drop-off, it is imperative that you

a) make eye-contact with the

b) inform the teacher verbally
that you are now dropping off or picking up
your child.

2. If you prefer, another responsible adult can drop off or pick up your child, but only if you have made prior arrangements by filing a release form with our office designating this person as your authorized agent for pickup/drop-off. For our children’s safety, no child is released without a signed form.

3. Be on time. Students find it hard to adjust to school when they come late, and they worry when their parents don’t pick them up on time. Please be prompt. If you are delayed more than 15 minutes for pick-up, after-care charges will be applied of $10 per 15 minutes.

We have made arrangements for parents to park in specially marked drop-off zones along either side of Chestnut Hill Avenue (in front of the school). Please do not park for more than 5 minutes for drop-off and pick-up. If you need to cross the street, please use the crosswalk and allow the School Traffic Safety Officer to assist you. Please note there is no longer any parking or even stopping allowed on Dighton Street, and no double-parking is
allowed on Chestnut Hill Ave. For the safety of our children using the sidewalk, parents are not allowed to pull into the driveway for any reason. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Food and Allergies
All food is provided by the school, and no outside food is allowed to be brought in.We provide
kosher and delicious breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks daily. Please notify us if your child has any allergies or unique dietary requirements.

Birthdays are wonderful. To celebrate your child’s birthday in class, notify the teachers and the kitchen-staff at least a day or two ahead. The birthday party fee is $25 for a cake (or a fruit platter); your donation also covers the cost of a new book to be added to the classroom’s library in your child’s honor. Because of kosher requirements, no outside food or candy may be brought to the school for the birthday, or on any day. You are welcome to send goodie bags with non-food items.
Birthday celebrations outside of school – Since class unity is so important, we ask that private birthday parties not be held on Saturday, in consideration of those children who keep Shabbat and won’t be able to travel on that day. We suggest that all students be invited to birthday parties, but if for some reason this is not possible, please do not distribute invitations within the school building.

You can celebrate your party at Shaloh House! Many parents choose Shaloh House as a site for their parties. There are many possibilities in both catering and entertainment. For more details, see our office.

Personal Belongings
Please label all your child’s belongings with a permanent marker - coat, jacket, sweater, gym
shoes, boots, book bag, etc.

Preschool children should have a change of clothing stored in their cubbies. Diapers
and wipes should be kept stocked if necessary.

Emergency Information
Every child must have a current Emergency Information form, available from the front desk. This form must contain a working phone number of a responsible person who can be reached during the school day. Additionally, please send us a note promptly when your home, work, or cell numbers change so we can immediately update the Emergency form.

Wish List
Your throw-aways are our treasures! Please do not discard empty shoe boxes, tissue boxes or used-up paper towel rolls – these will become our artistic creations for our many projects. Instead, please send them in to school with your child! And – if you have digital cameras or voice recorders you are ready to replace, send us the old ones and we will put them to good use to document our classrooms’ achievements.

Charity is the hallmark of Judaism. Send small coins in to school with your children to donate to our classrooms’ charity boxes. We give charity daily.

Extra-Curricular Activities
In addition to our multi-talented teaching staff, your child will be taught by specialists in music and gymnastics. In music, we have both weekly instruction as well as two concerts each year to demonstrate your child’s achievements.
We believe in the value of outdoor play and exercise. On a daily basis (weather-permitting), your child will enjoy free-play in our state-of-the-art outdoor playground. The children also get weekly instruction in our indoor gymnasium with a trainer specially skilled in
preschool coaching.
Pre-schoolers can also select from a variety of extra-curricular activities including chess, arts & crafts, Russian language, painting and Tae Kwon Do.