Welcome!  !ברוך הבא Добро пожаловать!

We are so happy that you are exploring Shaloh House Jewish Day School for your child! At Shaloh House, a highly positive experience is forged by a unique integration of an excellent general education with meaningful Jewish studies. Our goals are to help children develop into well- educated Americans and proud Jews who are knowledgeable about their rich heritage, by providing them with academic and spiritual tools which will serve them throughout their lives. Our present families come from a wide range of backgrounds, from unaffiliated to Orthodox. Our objective is to teach the splendor and depth of Judaism, based on Orthodox teachings, in a way that is sensitive to family differences and expectations. The school has adopted an innovative teaching format used in many other countries with great success. Specialists in math, science, history, and English share their knowledge and expertise, rather than having a generalist spend most of the day with one class or grade. Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies, including Jewish customs and holidays, are an integral part of our curriculum. The school’s dynamic environment and unique approach fosters students’ curiosity, cultivates their imagination, encourages creative expression, values their initiative, and engenders critical thinking skills. Our caring and nurturing teachers are role models for the values we cultivate in our children. Low student-to-teacher ratio translates into personal attention and customized lessons where children progress rapidly at their own level. Children also benefit from our arts and crafts, music, computers, and gymnastics programs – each of which features fun-education components with experienced teachers. Award-winning academic excellence and commitment to Jewish values combine with a warm community spirit to make the Shaloh House Jewish Day School an extraordinary place for children to learn and thrive. We look forward to answering any questions you might have, and to welcoming you and your families into our wonderful educational community.


Baruch Habah,


Rabbi Dan Rodkin, Head of School

Rabbi Dan Rodkin was appointed Head of School and Executive Director of the Shaloh House in May 2000. Born in Moscow, Russia to a family of educators,  Rabbi Dan attended a school for gifted children and became interested in Jewish thought and tradition while a teenager. He attended seminaries in Russia, Israel and the United States, earning his Master of Arts degree in Theology from the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown NJ and rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva 770 in New York (Central Lubavitch Yeshiva.) His writings on Jewish thought and education have been published in Hebrew and English. Rabbi Rodkin has held both administrative and teaching positions in various settings in Israel, Russia, New York, Connecticut, and Boston.

At Shaloh House, Rabbi Rodkin has led the design and implementation of a new curricular approach. Bringing together his educational experiences from different countries, he created an engaging, challenging, and well-rounded academic program in both Judaic and secular subjects. At Shaloh House School he has initiated an environment reflective of a true professional learning community. He engages faculty members in the school’s decision making and has created a community at Shaloh House where everyone embraces the belief that “all students can learn and should be challenged.”  At the same time, convinced that parents play a vital role in the education of their children, Rabbi Rodkin has established meaningful ways to involve families in the educational process both within the school and community settings.