Elementary School Homework Trackers

Below you will find links to the online Homework Trackers for each respective grade. The tracker indicates the assigned homework for each subject according to the respective grade. Please note that homework assignments are recorded on the day they are due. For example: If you would like to know what the homework assignment is for Tuesday night, check the box in the row for Wednesday.

After clicking on the respective link, scroll down to the current week.

Updated for 2021/22

1st Grade Homework Tracker

2nd Grade Homework Tracker

3rd Grade Homework Tracker

4th/5th/6th Grade Homework Tracker 


Homework Routines




During the very first class of the week, each student receives a tracker which is a single double-sided sheet of paper to be kept in the front of their planner at all times (planner is described in the next paragraph). For 1st Graders, the Tracker will be printed on green colored paper and will be found in the homework folder. Each tracker is unique to that specific grade and week. On one side of the tracker is a spreadsheet of all the homework assignments for all subjects for that given week. Homework is recorded on the day that it is due, not the day that it is assigned. (So for example, if you wanted to know what your child's math homework is on Tuesday night, you would check the box for Wednesday, which is when the homework is due in class.) This information is helpful for you and your child in case your child forgot his/her planner at home or cannot read his/her handwriting of the homework in the planner. This side of the tracker can also be found online (and is updated daily by teachers) at http://www.shaloh.org/homework or by clicking the backpack icon on the right side of a school email.

The second side of the tracker is a checklist for teachers of all subjects to confirm daily that the homework has been completed or that it was not received. This is an important tool for teachers to provide feedback to parents that homework has been completed or not. Parents are asked to sign this side of the tracker at the end of each week to be returned on the following Monday to confirm that you are aware of your child's performance in homework completion. Please do not sign this sheet before Friday.

Planner {NOTE: not (yet) for 1st Graders)}

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Each child has his/her own planner notebook which is basically a calendar for the entire school year and divided by week. This planner must be brought home every evening and brought back to school every morning. In each class, teachers will be writing homework on the board in class with the expectation of students to record the homework in their planner. Like the tracker, homework assignments are recorded in the box of the day that the homework is due, not the day it was assigned. Any upcoming tests/quizzes will be recorded in the yellow area at the bottom of the page under the column of the respective subject. In the very back of the planner is the contact info of teachers if you should have any questions regarding homework or anything else.

Homework Folder

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The Homework Folder is a decorative paper/plastic folder for students to store loose-leaf worksheets that are assigned as homework. Like the planner, the Homework Folder must be brought home every evening and brought back to school every morning. Inside the folder, there are two pockets. The left side is labeled "Return to School" which is where you will find handouts that need to be either completed for homework, signed, or reviewed and return back to school. On the right side, labeled "Take Home", are handouts that are to be removed from the folder and remain at home, and NOT to be returned to school. Please note that often times the assigned homework can be an activity or workbook which cannot be found in the Homework Folder; always consult first with the planner and/or tracker for details of that night's homework.