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Roman HISTORY Curriculum


History 5-6 focuses on the long history of Rome-from the legendary stories about Romulus AT 753 BCE to the Republic at 509 BCE to the Empire at 27 BCE and through to the decline and fall of Rome-fully by 476 CE (but already beginning in the early 400's with internal divisions and the entry of various invaders).

          Our text is The Story of the Greeks by H.A. Guerber. We look at the lifestyles, the values, the differences between Rome and Greece - the latter often more tolerant towards the Jews and other cultures-especially during the age of Alexander the Great. We study important individuals with the help of Roman historians like Plutarch-we have studied his comparison of the Roman leader Coriolanus and the Greek leader Alcibiades - and Suetonius - who wrote about various emperors, and we look at the works of great writers like Shakespeare-specifically "Julius Caesar" with regard to that important leader, who was tolerant to the Jews as well.

We are also studying the laws of the Romans as explained in the important history series of Will and Amy Durant on civilization.

Students are challenged to think in comparative and contrasting ways about the societies, the values, the leaders, the literary and historical texts. Key dates are stressed, but chronological perspective, large concepts and the sweep of history in a specific republic and later empire like Rome is the priority.

History words for the day and history terminology are a focus as well. Students are challenged with compositions, tests, quizzes, pop quizzes and history bees.

Comparison and contrast with Jewish kingdoms, societies, values and leaders are a major focus as well. Jewish history is seen as part of the world history and the connections and conflicts between Jews and Rome are studied.