language arts curriculum

Grade 6

Spelling & Vocabulary


Students work on spelling – with attention to vowel and consonant patters, vocabulary – with particular attention to the usage of words in sentences as well as their meanings. The study of Greek and Latin roots helps students figure out meanings and gain a fuller sense of the vocabulary in question. All students are given a word for the day each day with usage and understanding. These are words with topic and timely significance.



The students focus on challenging word choices. They learn to use and identify different sentence types: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex. They can also identify and punctuate dependent clauses. The students identify the active verses the passive voice in verb usage.

Student errors in grammar, vocabulary usage, and spelling are corrected by students from handouts that contain the errors without the identity of the writers. These regular sheets help to reinforce the learning of the students.


Written & oral expression

Our students refine their writing skills through the use of the editing process. When they edit to re-write, they pay attention to the skills listed above and in previous grades. As they write their research essays, attention is paid to asking and answering open ended questions. The students further their research skills and use an outline to organize their information. The children learn the differences between including direct quotes from a source and integrating supporting data taken from the research. They learn the appropriate methods of documenting these sources. The issue of plagiarism and how to avoid it is also discussed.

Learning to write a business letter using the appropriate formatting is introduced. The students are able to further their persuasive writing skills in these activities.

Students at this level prepare and present the following types speeches:  current event, panel discussion, reader’s theatre, mock trial, prominent person speech, television news, the quotation speech, readers theatre, and a game show.