vote in upcoming school elections

“How can I help make Shaloh House an even better school?” is the question on the minds of all the 2nd-6th grade candidates for student council.  On November 10th, 2009, the elementary school will be voting for this year’s student government presidents and vice-presidents.
 The issues raised in our election include a wide range of topics, with possible changes to the school schedule being one of the most popular topics.  Thoughts on how to best use our recess and lunch breaks started our students considering whether we should combine breaks, spread them out further, use one or more as a study hall, or try to save them up for bigger events weekly.  Possible new classes and ways to plan for special events are among others issues that have been discussed as well.
Using the school’s computer lab, candidates created campaign posters.  While preparing for Tuesday’s School Meeting, students have been learning about speech writing and oration. They’ve also realized how short and how long two minutes can be when creating your own speech.  Drawing on speeches across time, from Shakespeare to John F. Kennedy, we’ve looked at styles of writing, studying what methods strengthen the speaker’s points.  Looking at how Shakespeare has Mark Anthony repeating, “Brutus is an honorable man” to President Kennedy’s use of rhythm in his speeches lead us to the power of repetition to change meaning and tempo to stress points.  Focusing not only on the style of their speeches, but also on the content of their work, our future leaders  looked at not only what they’d like to see done, but also how changes can be brought about.

With the race well underway, students are also tackling one of the harder issues to resolve in politics, when a campaign statement is a promise, a goal, or even a possible bribe.  Classes resound with great discussions about the difference between offering something just to get a vote, suggesting needed or desired change that could come about, and working to see if a change is possible.  Yet again, Shaloh House students have gone further and deeper into the issues, showing that we can indeed count on a very bright future, and not just for Shaloh House.