It was a huge investment of time and money, and the critics were lined up last Monday, ready to test it out. The colors were dazzling, even in the muted light of a cloudy day.
Shaloh House's side door swung open just after lunchtime, and within minutes, the verdict was in.
"It's great! It's the best playground ever!" 5th-grader Joseph Notkin said, his cheeks still red from running and climbing on the new $150,000 Minnie & Akiva Golombek playground just completed last week. The playground was donated in the memory of Minnie and Akiva Golombek whose loved children and, in particular, the laughter of children 

"The floor is very soft," 4th grader Yonatan Medelev reported. "This way, we can't get hurt."
Fifth-grader Yitzchak Blank was thrilled. "I tackled everyone in my class, and no one got hurt!"
The new, state-of-the-art playground was created through the cooperation of parents, administrators and students. Children on the "playground committee" helped select colors and even had a major say in choosing the equipment they felt would please the most children. The playground, which has a special, multi-layer rubber floor to soften falls, has two completely separate sections, one designed for older children and another for the younger children.
Rabbi Rodkin explained the reason behind the new playground.
"We're known for our great academics," Rabbi Rodkin said. "But at Shaloh House, we want to build great children in all ways - spiritually, academically and physically.
"Kids have to sit long hours in school, so during recess, they need to be very active. There's all sorts of different equipment in both of our new playgrounds. The children can climb 'spider webs' and hang by their arms and train many, many different groups of muscles. And it's so much fun, it's a great release from the discipline of school work.
"When the kids are happy, they learn even more."