Festival Of Light

December 23

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, Shaloh House students are lighting up the night!  Chanukah is almost upon us and the excitement is growing.  The pre-Chanukah concert, held last Sunday, was a smashing success.  Students from each class sang, played and recited in three languages, sharing the beauty of Chanukah with the many parents, relatives and friends in the audience. 

As you walk through the hallways and classrooms of our building, you are surrounded by the Chanukah atmosphere  Shaloh House students have learned all about the story, laws and traditions of Chanukah.  They have been busy equipping themselves for the holiday, making their own menorahs and deridels.  We have already been treated to the taste of Chanukah, with delicious  latkes and doughnuts. We are counting down the days and look forward to celebrating the eighth day of Chanukah together in school.  Be sure to visit www.shaloh.org/chanukah for holiday articles, stories, songs, videos, games, recipes, and much more!