Shaloh House Students Win National Poetry Contest

Poetry is in the air in Shaloh House! Second-grade students have been learning about various forms of poetry in the past weeks. Language-arts teacher Miriam Epstein taught about limericks, rhyme scheme, rhythm and syllables. The students read example poems on themes such as rain, friendship, and seasons, and then wrote their own poems on topics of their choice. Starting off with word-webs to brainstorm ideas, they each wrote many poems and chose their favorite. The poems chosen were typed in computer class and submitted to a student poetry contest sponsored by Creative Communication. Six poems written by Shaloh House students were selected from among the thousands of entries. The winning poems will be published in a prestigious anthology of student poems.

The winning poets are: Ruth Davydov, Tzipporah Marchette, Shaina Rodkin, Dima Belov, and Ilana Zeldin. A poem written by seventh-grader Levy Sherman was also chosen to be included in the anthology. Examples of the poems follow. Congratulations to the winners! Keep up the good work!

My Flowers
Shaina Rodkin
I have a flower bed in my garden.
I love one of them.
It’s called the rainbow flower.
Once I picked it.
I love the flower.
I smell the flower.

Fly Down Leaves
Ilana Zeldin
Catch the leaves
Run for them.
We love leaves and so do you.
Leaves, leaves swoop them creep them
Pile them up. Hooray! Hooray!