Wonderful World of Books
December 9

Bundled up in hats, scarves and mittens, the kindergarten class set off on a field trip this week to the Brighton Public Library. The kindergarten children are perfecting their pre-reading skills, including recognition of the letters and their sounds, and identifying capital and lowercase letters.

The kindergarten teachers are helping the students develop a love of reading that will serve them well as they enter elementary school.  The children are no strangers to books:  They have a classroom library and enjoy looking through books and hearing their teachers read to them. The trip to the public library was an exciting introduction to a larger world of books.

The kindergarten will be making regular visits during the year, as they learn to choose their own books, and follow through the storyline on their own, identify familiar letters and words, as well as hearing stories being read to them.  They will also be learning library skills:  how to read quietly in the library, and how to check out books to bring back to school.  We wish our young bookworms much success.