Who Gives the Rooster Intelligence
November 18

The sounds that wake you up in the morning, opening your eyes , stretching...all things we experience daily and take for granted.  Or maybe not, as Shaloh House elementary students are learning.  Each of these seemingly routine occurrences is actually a gift from Hashem, which we realize when we contemplate life without them.  We acknowledge this and thank Hashem when we say Morning Blessings at the beginning of the daily prayer.  The students are learning about the meaning of the prayers they say and about the importance of being thankful for the good in their lives.

The sixth and seventh grades made their learning tangible with three-dimensional representations of the morning blessings. The dioramas helped their creators and the younger grades who viewed them visualize what they are thanking Hashem for each morning:  clothes and shoes to wear, energy for a new day, and of course, the intelligence of the rooster who knows when to wake us up in the morning.  Or it’s modern-day equivalent, the alarm clock.

So the next time you hear that beep-beep-beep, instead of pressing snooze, take a moment to say Thank You.