Starting Young

Can you count to 100 in Hebrew? Do you know how to say “an elephant” in Hebrew? Can you find an antonym for “happy”? Our children attending Shaloh House afternoon program can do all of that plus a lot more.

This year we have introduced a new educational afternoon program for Kindergarten students. The results are proving to be amazing. The afternoon program coordinates and builds on the regular kindergarten program, as well as introducing the students to new skills and concepts. The program includes English, Hebrew, and math. Students can already read and write Hebrew letters, and have learned vowels. They are now working on reading fluency. Students can fill in missing letters in familiar words, and know numbers, days of the week and names of animals in Hebrew.

In English, the students do exercises that teach them to express themselves orally. They describe pictures, read stories and paraphrase them (classical stories and Jewish traditional stories). They learn tongue-twisters. This week each student read his or her special book with the teacher. Fun games involving synonyms and antonyms are played daily.

The kindergarten children can count up to 100 in both English and Hebrew. The math program includes mental math exercises and solving word problems.

In addition to the academic program, the students have outdoor time and attend enrichment classes such as chess, karate, and art weekly.